Fantasy Football: Preparing For The Playoffs In Daily Leagues

fanduel playoffs strategy


As the season winds down preparing your fantasy rosters for the last few weeks can be a daunting task.  There are so many X-factors in the way of injuries, players resting, and teams having nothing to play for.  Whether you’re in daily leagues or playing out a traditional fantasy football format getting it right this week and into the future is going to take a lot of diligence, good fortune and the acting upon of that gut feeling you are so prone to second guess.  Let’s take a look at potential red flags you should consider while balling out in your FanDuel daily league in the next couple of weeks.


There are some monster games with huge fantasy implications in week 17 including 3 divisional championship matchups.  The 6 teams involved, Carolina, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit and Green Bay won’t hold anything back in their efforts to host a first round playoff game.  Consequently there are several teams who have nothing to play for and are not even in a position to play spoiler.  These teams may be rolling out some bench players or backups that may or may not have value.  Players battling injuries on these teams are not likely to suit up as they would’ve had they had something to play for.  This is a barrier for daily gamers, but not a big one.  You are not vested in any one team or player, so you have the luxury of identifying which teams will be rolling out their starters for sure, and which teams like the Patriots have no reason to push their starters.


If you drafted players like LeSean Mcoy and Jamaal Charles first, or paid top dollar for them at any point, you were rolling them into your line up regardless of whom they were playing. You weren’t really playing matchups for anyone in the top 25-30, but now with your dollar on the line playing the matchups is the only way to go.  Before entering the draft – have a list of 6-8 players who you think have favorable matchups.  Look at their opponent, look at where they are playing and check to see if weather will be a factor.  Be detailed and do your homework.  Make educated guesses on how many overall touches your target player will get and how that relates to the fantasy points given up by the opposing defenses.  Will your WR be shadowed by a shutdown corn, and will your RB be going up against a strong front seven.  Check injuries not only to the player you are targeting but to their offensive line, QB and opposing defenses.  For example Atlanta’s starting safety is out this week against Carolina, so it should be assumed that Kelvin Benjamin should be able to create distance on deep routes just a bit easier.  It should be noted that of your list of 6-8, be happy getting 2-3 as your are likely competing against worthy opponents who have done their homework as well.


  Somewhere out there, someone is going to cash in, because they took a flyer on a player who going to see an uptick in targets because they are playing in a meaningless game.   It could be Cadet for New Orleans, C.J. Spiller for Buffalo, or Chris Polk for the Eagles, who knows?  This is one of those fantasy sports anomalies that impacts a fraction of a percentage of fantasy football participants.  If you are playing in multiple leagues, or have some extra draft money kicking around, be mindful of who these players are remember, come playoff time it’s a given that someone that was a virtual unknown will step up.  Jermaine Kearse is a stellar example of this.  Some simple research may give you just the right amount of intel, so if bringing home the bacon is something that you care about use this information to get you that reward you deserve.

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