FanDuel Fantasy Fan Club

FanDuel is an online Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Game that allows you to compete against other sports fans . The goal is to pick the best lineup of players for the specific day’s games. This is Instant Fantasy Sports, The Next Big Thing.


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Getting started just takes a few minutes.

Here’s how this works

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STEP 1: Pick A Contest

The games on FanDuel only last one day instead of the standard one week. This provides instant action and constant fun. Once you sign up, go to the Lobby and pick the contest you would like to compete in.  After that you may select your entry fee amount or choose to do some free practice contests. There is no limit to the amount of games and/or teams you may enter.

STEP 2: Select Your Players

This is where you will select which individual players will represent your team.  Each player has a “salary” amount that they are worth and you will have a budget that you must meet.  This is where strategy comes to play, you must select the best players you think will do good while managing to keep a reasonable budget.

STEP 3:  Sit back and Win

During the live game, the players you just selected will accumulate points based on how well they perform. If you team ends up with the most points once the game has finished, you instantly receive your winnings. This is Daily Fantasy Sports.

Start Building Your Team


If you would like play FanDuel for real money, you are able to use Paypal or a credit card. You can choose any amount you want (free, $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100). Again, the points you score that day is dependent on the performance of the players you picked and the most points wins instantly. You can play FanDuel from your computer, phone and tablet to keep track of live performances and point accumulation on the go.

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