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With football season winding down, there’s still a lot to be excited about, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, DAILY FANTASY FOOTBALL excites us as much as anything we can think of.  Congratulations, you’re human.  You love competition, you love redemption, and you love winning, and short of actually playing, this your only opportunity to put your personal stamp on something sports related.  That’s right you have the power and control and with money on the line it may not be bad to consider a few strategic ideas to contemplate as you prepare for your FanDuel Fantasy Football draft.


Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  This simply means that there is no sure fire order by which you have to buy.  You simply have to kill it with your first picks, regardless of the position combination you go with.  If you want a high dollar stud QB, buy him up knowing that you’ll still get a great WR or RB at a decent price.  After the top 3-5 at every position this week the next 6-12 are extremely comparable.  Because hitting the mark with your top 3 purchases is so important there’s no reason to take risks early stay away from banged up players, especially those who are questionable and or game time decisions.  This year has been different, you can get value at every position, it’s just up to you who you have your heart on or you have that gut feeling about.


Read closely gamers, the QB position is a hodge podge of solid fantasy production every week.  Whether it’s Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Luck, Brady, Romo, and even Ben Roethlisberger your options at this position have never been more bountiful.  With that being said, there just isn’t a good reason to pay top dollar for a top QB.  Take Sanchez, Stafford, Rivers or Ryan and spend big on that sure fire wide receiver, or running back, even a top TE will pull in better value than a top 10 signal caller.  For the remaining two weeks anyone of the above listed QBs could be the top fantasy player at their position so it’s important to approach this coin flip decision the same way you would any other position –Stay away from injured players, PLAY THE MATCH UPS and GO WITH YOUR GUT.  Now take home that cash Gamers!!

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