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November – January can be perceived by many in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry as the best time of the year.  Daily League Websites like FanDuel and DraftKings are known to gain thousands of new players in the weeks leading up to the 2014 Fantasy Football season. Many people join just to get a shot at the $10,000,000 Prize Pool in December for the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. Signing up for a FanDuel account without a FanDuel Promo code is a costly mistake. This is probably the #1 reason you should join and deposit at today using PROMO CODE “FFC100” 

This is the premium FanDuel promo code as it automatically gives you the Best FanDuel Promo available at that time. These are usually better than you have seen on their TV commercials and ESPN Radio promotions. FanDuel will match your deposit, up to $200! This bonus is available on your initial deposit. For that season I will say, Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your first deposit just testing things out. Take full advtantage and get $200 for FREE on your 1st deposit using our FanDuel Promo Code –> FFC100!

The best part of FanDuel Fantasy Football so far for the 2014 season is the announcement and introduction of the weekly $1 Million Dollar prize contests during the fantasy NFL season! This obviously means there is a lot of chance to strike it big. Its easy to remember that only 4 short years ago, the season ending championship contest at FanDuel was only valued at $50,000. The amazing growth of the Daily Fantasy Sports industry continues to spur on life changing “lottery” prize money for weekly and daily fantasy football fans.


Lots of new Daily Fantasy Sports players are known to sign up at FanDuel and “test things out” by only depositing $5 or $10…..this can be a very big mistake if you want to maximize the amount of free money you can get! By doing this, they have blown the ONE CHANCE at receiving $200 for FREE as their initial deposit bonus at FanDuel. For this reason, it is suggested you deposit as much as you possibly can this first time, as it will be your first and only chance to a FanDuel promo code for a free cash deposit.

fanduel promo code

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