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It won’t be long before pitchers and catchers report, and this year you will need to be ready… the season is long, there is depth at many positions and more teams being more competitive equals more fantasy relevance for more players.  Every year is different, so even the self proclaimed experts out there need to be willing to adjust their strategies just a bit.  If you’re still figuring this crazy sport out, don’t be ashamed that you’re putting in some extra time with a little research.  Your opponents are doing the same thing.  Here are a few things to think about as your Fantasy Baseball draft day approaches.


Pitching is deeper this year than ever before, and with every offensive metric down last year, good pitchers were easy to find.  This year will be no different so don’t waste any of your top 5 picks on pitching when you can get something comparable several rounds later.  Even the guys getting Kershaw, Hernandez and Wainright are seldom unstoppable in the pitching stats top to bottom.  Find 5-6 pitchers that are serviceable and you will be competitive in all pitching stats throughout the season.  Don’t forget and about Atlanta Braves cast offs Brandon Beachy and Kris Medlen – they are front line starters when healthy


Identify who the top 5 offensive teams are and make an effort to get a player on your team from each of those lineups.  That way when the top offensive teams go on offensive binges you’ll reap the rewards.  If these teams are going to average 5-6 runs per game, you need to get on that.  It could be argued that the top 5 offenses currently are Florida, LA Dodgers, St. Louis, Boston and Toronto, meaning if you had a player on your roster from each of those teams you would be sitting pretty week to week.  You can’t ignore what San Diego just did with their outfield and the Angels, Rangers and Orioles are at least in the 2nd tier offensively


Why not?  There are plenty to choose from and one is bound to strike gold.  Several prospects have potential staying power, but also may be worth holding for June call ups.  One or two prospects is a safe number, and putting more than that on your roster hinders your ability to create depth.  Miguel Sano, Kris Bryant, Joey Gallo and Byron Buxton are just a couple players worth rostering, but there are several players that have already made the jump that will be more than serviceable.  Players like Javier Baez, George Springer and Gregory Polanco could be impact players.  Kris Bryant who led all minor leaguers in HRs last season looks more primed to be the next Mike Trout than anyone.

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