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NBA Method – How To Win At Every day Fantasy Basketball

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Known as the best daily fantasy sports outlet for heads-up fantasy leagues, Fanduel is the best choice for your day by day fantasy basketball needs. This FanDuel Basketball Strategy Guide will help you take in the best practices for winning at FanDuel and Fantasy Basketball in general.



When playing fantasy round ball it’s easy to get hung up on your star players and the idea that they must carry your team.  Although this assertion is true, it should be assumed that your opponents star players are also carrying their team as well, meaning that the attention you pay to the players you draft on the back end of the draft are equally as important if not more.  Here are some ideas that you should consider when making the decision on which player you are going to draft in the later rounds.


If you are serious about winning, do some research on which players come off the bench and what their respective roles are.  Certain teams run rotations that you can take to the bank allowing you to count on certain players to produce for you at a consistent level that will provide excellent value for your roster.  The Clippers are a perfect example of this, as they have a set rotation.  Whether you are playing in daily leagues, or traditional leagues you can count on Jamal Crawford coming off the bench and giving you over 20 minutes per game.  He’ll get his shots, and he’ll pull down some boards, offering tremendous value.  Consequently J.J. Reddick will start and play only about 30 minutes.  The biggest decision you have to make is whether you want consistent production across the board or a boom and bust player that could lay an egg every now and then.


In Fantasy Football the schedule is everything, but in the NBA the schedule is meaningless.  There are too many games and too few players on the court at one time for an insignificant play or player to turn the tables in a game changing way.  Instead pay close attention to players and their new places of employment and who impacted on both teams involved.  A perfect example of this is Chris Bosh.  Easily a top 20 player before he teamed up with Lebron in Miami for four years and two championships.  While in Miami he became at times the 4th scoring option on the team.  Now that Lebron is gone he is a top 15 player in PPG and RPG.  Bosh outside the first three rounds is championship value.  On the other side, Kyrie Irving’s value will have to take a huge hit, especially in assists.  An impact player’s movement often creates a domino effect of changing fantasy value, and it’s important to stay on top of this.

Fantasy basketball is one of the more challenging fantasy sports games out there, but also one of the most rewarding once you become successful.  Remember to take risks in moderation and after the first 3 rounds and be strategic on the back end… this is where fantasy sports leagues are won.

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